Everything You Need to Know About Our Pumpkin Patch Session

You will be reading this if you have booked a Pumpkin Patch Session with us and we will explain exactly how a photo shoot session works and what you can expect with us.

What is a Mini Family Photo Shoot?

It is a short photoshoot for a family, these take place on selected dates and last for 15 minutes.

Where Do The Mini Family Photo Shoots Take Place?

Our Mini Family Photo Shoots on Sunday 8th September is taking place at Maze Moon in Rainham.

When Should We Arrive?

You will have received an email from us confirming the time of your photoshoot, we recommend arriving a minimum of 10 minutes before your session so you can find us and have a chat before your photo shoot.

What Happens On The Day of The Mini Family Photo Shoot?

On the day of the shoot, meet us at the entrance to Maze Moon, we will pay your entrance fee so just let the staff know you are here for the photoshoot.

Over the next 15 minutes we will guide you through just a few different poses, as well as capture you candidly enjoying the day out as a family, this will let us capture a variety of different images.

Although our style of photography is candid, we will sometimes ask you to pose (for example: look at each other, pick up your child, play a game of tag etc!) to make the most of our time and to get the best photographs possible.

We understand if children will not cooperate during the photos (we have a 6 month old so have been there!) so we have some tried and tested ideas if they won't smile for the camera! We recommend bringing some toys or snacks with you on the day, also cuddly toys make for great visual aids for them to look at the camera.

What's Included In The Mini Family Photo Shoot?

Our mini Family Photo Shoots are designed to be relaxed, easy and enjoyable for all the family. The package includes your photo shoot and an online gallery with a selection of curated images from your 15 minute session.

What Kind Of Photographs Do You Take At A Mini Family Photo Shoot?

During the session, we will capture a variety of different photographs including some of the whole family together and some of you all individually. All the photographs will be in the style of a family photoshoot here.

Our style of photography is candid but sometimes we ask you to pose in a certain way to maximise the photoshoot.

What Shall We All Wear?

We know that choosing what to wear can be the hardest part of preparing for a photoshoot so we have some quick tips here:

  1. Dress for the environment
  2. Make sure you are all dressed for the same weather and occasion
  3. Choose a colour scheme
  4. Embrace layers and textures
  5. Avoid pictures or slogans
  6. Choose clothes that are a good fit

We also encourage bringing some halloween outfits for the little ones to wear (you can put these on for the last 5 minutes of the photo shoot if you want a little more variety!)

We recommend wearing similar clothes, but not matching (unless you want to!). Ideally a maximum of three colours with minimal patterns is best (so it's not too distracting for the eye) but have a look at our previous family photoshoots here, and here to get an idea of what works best.

There are also lots of ideas on Pinterest if you are stuck for what to wear!

What Do We Need To Bring With Us On The Day?

First things first - your family! We also recommend the following things to bring:

  • Toys and snacks
  • Jackets or coats
  • Umbrellas (just in case and if you want to)
  • Hairbrush

What Happens If My Child Cries Through The Whole 15 Minutes?

We have been there! We will take a few minutes to let you try and settle them and if they aren't having any of it, we can try later on - we are running the sessions for 2 hours so you might have to come back when we are finished but we will get some beautiful photos of your family!

What If It Is Raining During Our Session?

We will make the most of it and incorporate the rain into our photographs, we do live in England after all! We would just recommend bringing a change of clothes, warm coats and umbrellas if the forecast looks overcast on the day. Please note we will only cancel if torrential rain is forecasted and you will be contacted either the day before, or early on Saturday morning if the forecast changes.

Where Is There To Park?

There is a car park available at Maze Moon in Rainham, just follow the signs!

How Do We See The Photos Afterwards?

After the session, we will email you a link to an online gallery where you can see the fully edited photographs from your session. The photographs will be edited and in a selection of black and white and colour images and you can download them from this link or share the full gallery with friends and family.

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